Injection Moulding


At McLar, we take pride in our cutting-edge suite of injection moulding machines, ranging from 80t to 200t in capacity, all aged less than 4 years. These machines embody the pinnacle of precision and efficiency, as they are super accurate Borche injection moulding machines.

The accuracy of our Borche machines guarantees that each product we manufacture meets the most stringent quality standards, ensuring consistency and reliability. Moreover, as part of our commitment to sustainability, these machines are engineered to be exceptionally energy efficient, aligning with our environmental goals and minimising our carbon footprint.Our machines are able to mould a comprehensive choice of plastics. These include Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS and Polypropylene. These can be produced economically in large volumes and at high speed.



By harnessing the capabilities of these state-of-the-art machines, we continue to offer our clients unmatched precision, reliability, and sustainability, cementing our position as an industry leader in injection moulding solutions. With over 30 years experience in Injection moulding and tool making your tools are safe with us.

We boast an internal tool room for new tool creation, design and the repair of any tools needing it. Our toolroom is equipped with CNC Millers, lathes, EDM and grinding facilities. 80%+ of our plastic material is reprocessed recycled again further increasing our sustainability goals.

We have experience in many materials but our daily use materials are:

  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon 6 30% GF
  • HIPS
  • ABS
  • PVC