Lowering our carbon footprint

McLar are proud to say we are constantly increasing our sustainability and working towards being carbon zero as quick as we can.

We have installed solar panels on our main building and we are just going through the process of designing a 60kw system on our second building that will generate around 50000 Kwh annually.

We buy all our timber from FSC and PEFC certified suppliers who who follow the moto for every tree that is cut down a new one is planted.

All of our injection moulding machines have been swapped to the new Borche BS range which can be up to 80% more economical, here’s a snippet of what Borche say about them.

“Borche machines utilise a servo motor drive system which effectively only generates the energy required to complete a particular function during the machine cycle, so there is very little waste energy, therefore when compared to an old machine with a fixed pump delivery the Borche can potentially offer savings in terms of power consumption of anything upto 80%”

Our future is in our hands

Listed below are some of the projects that have already been completed or are nearing completion since starting our efforts on lowering our carbon footprint.

  • Solar panels fitted to main factory
  • Electric Forklift trucks
  • Electric company car scheme
  • Energy saving Injection moulding machines
  • LED lighting throughout the factories and warehouse
  • Switched energy suppliers to a “renewable energy contract”
  • Recycled plastic is used in all packaging
  • All waste steel, wood and cardboard is recycled locally (within a mile)
  • All plastic is recycled in house through our granulators
  • We purchase recycled packaging i.e cardboard boxes

Sustainability is factored into every decision we make as a company and we have regular meeting’s to see if there is anything else we can do to further enhance what is in place currently. We also have a purchasing plan in place for newer machinery that is more economical once depreciation levels are reached.

At McLar we want to be able to say we have done everything we can to reduce our environmental impact.